Vosen's Bread Paradise

Vosen's Bread Paradise in Salt Lake CityIf you've spent any time in downtown, particularly on 2nd south, like me you've likely walked past the old looking yellow two story home turned German bakery more times than you can remember. But have you been inside?

On my way to the Outdoor Retailer Show Summer Market this morning I was again walking past Vosen's Bread Paradise but this time I stopped.

I'm not sure if it was the intrigue of this old building finally getting the most of my curiousity, the fact that it is a German bakery in downtown Salt Lake, or perhaps due to my lack of eating breakfast, but I deviated from my OR show beeline and walked into the quaint bread shop. I'm not sure I'll have the strength to ever walk by again without heading inside.

vosen-breads-tall-1 Vosen's Bread Paradise

It took a couple of moments of looking around and taking in the aroma of fresh baked bread but I knew that this little gem was perhaps one of the best kept secrets for Outdoor Retailer or even convention attendees in general that come to Salt Lake each year. Just a block west of the Salt Palace Convention Center's south entrance, Vosen's Bread Paradise bakes breads and pastries daily. Chances are if you've stayed at the Marriott, eaten at the Salt Palace, had lunch at Caputos or even at Toasters during OR then you've eaten Vosen's breads.

But what about the pastries?

I was in Germany over 15 years ago and would get an Apple stick from street corner vendors so of course I had to give this one a try. How'd it compare? Not quite what I recall from the streets of Berlin but definately worth buying again. ($2.50)


Speaking of Berlin, when I asked the gal behind the counter what's the most popular pastry she said the Berliner (a fruit or cream filled doughnut pictured above) was the most popular. So I picked up a apricot and a raspberry Berliners and they were awesome. My friend Shawn ate the raspberry and I ate the apricot. It was more light than the American doughnut version and the filling wasn't heavy on the sugar syrup like I expected. As Shawn said, "I know where I'm headed for a noon time treat tomorrow".

I couldn't leave without sampling something less sugary so I grabbed a Cheese Pretzel Stick ($2.25) and nibbled on that in lieu of lunch while walking from one appointment to the next during OR. Again, delicious and certainly worth going back for.

If you too find yourself on the way to OR walking past Vosen's, don't hesitate to stop by and pick up a little slice of Germany and a little slice of paradise that will get you through a long day of meetings.


Where: 249 West 200 South
Open: Tues-Friday from 7am-6pm, Saturday from 8am-4:30pm
Serving: German breads, pastries and imported products