The Salt Lake Scene

Utah's Watering Holes

bestbars-saltlakeSalt Lake Magazine is a treasure within the city and always a great resource of the ins and outs regardless of the topic. I like the check online but just as well the print version contains unique articles and images of the city and surrounding area. If you've not got a subscription, it could be the best $9.95 you spend.

While perusing their website today the feature article about the best bars in Utah caught my eye.  How could it not?

The staffers over there have outdone themselves with a list of watering holes of all types - the pricey boutiques and the belly up to bars where the beer flows freely.

It's all there and a fine list it is.

Of note are a couple of downtown locals which although only separated by a couple of streets could not be more juxtaposed.

On the one side is Bambara which is small but elegant, like the Hotel Monaco in which it's located. Just up the street is Bar X of which they said:


Once, Bar X only carried both kinds" of beer: Coors and Coors Light. Now, it's Budweiser products on tap, and the same gritty atmosphere that's always been in vogue at this little joint: pool tables (with the requisite pool sharks lurking nearby), a couple tables and a bar where you'll meet anyone from college professors to hardcore drinkers who've been bellied up since opening time.