Utah Steps Up to Reduce Air Pollution

clear-the-air1Residents of Salt Lake and Utah understand the importance of protecting the natural beauty of their surroundings.  This is evidenced by the Clear the Air Challenge issued by Governor Huntsman and Mayors Becker and Corroon that seeks to  improve Utah's air quality by encouraging people to consider public transit, carpooling, biking, walking, teleworking, and other options to reduce vehicle emissions.

The six-week competition begins June 1st and offers Utahns a chance to compete for a number of prizes awarded through weekly drawings.  The challenge culminates with three grand prize drawings in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold goal categories to eliminate 4, 8, and 12 weekly trips, respectively.

The overall aim of the Clear the Air Challenge is to:

  • eliminate 300,000 vehicle trips,

  • save 1 million miles of driving,

  • and reduce 1.8 million pounds of emissions.

Unfortunately, the challenge is only open to Utah residents at this time, but we welcome visitors to encourage their governor and mayors to follow suit and offer a similar challenge in their home states!