Utah Museum of Natural History

Sassy Scoops is a group of Utah bloggers that review and feature local businesses in Utah. After we went to the Utah Museum of Natural History it has become a family favorite go-to place for all of us.

The Utah Museum of Natural History (UMNH) is a family-friendly environment that offers a wide variety of learning opportunities.  The museum has lots of hands-on experiences, and there is something to be found in the museum for all ages.  This was our first adventure in the museum and one that left us wanting to go back for more.

From birthday parties to multiple exhibits to explore, you could spend countless hours in the museum.  Who knew that my 5-year-old would love to look at colorful rocks for so long? The Utah Museum of Natural History also will soon be holding it’s annual Summer Camps.




The UMNH has extremely reasonable admission fees.  It is definitely a place where it is not only entertaining but educational. As you can tell from our fun pictures, we had such a ball bringing our spouses and children with us! Only I (Vanessa) had been to the museum before, so I was really excited for all of the other Sassies to join me. I felt like I was showing off a hidden gem that my girls and I just adore. We really do have such a blast at the museum with my girls. They spend a crazy amount of time studying all of the minerals, fossils, artifacts, and dinosaurs!

Did you know every first Monday, the museum is open until 8 pm AND it is FREE admission?

Did you know that you can rent out the museum for an event, spend the night in the museum and attend their Scientist in the Spotlight events?

Did you know your kids over 16 can volunteer at the museum?

I could go on and on.  We really do think the world of this place. The admission is very affordable- $3.50 for kids over 3.  Kids under 3 are free. The faculty and volunteers love the museum and they want to teach something new to every single person who walks through the doors!

You really should take the time to explore their website to see all of the wonderful programs, events, and exhibits. They will blow you away!  Your $3.50 is really really worth it.



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