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Utah Museum Of Fine Art - Monet to Picasso

As you enter the Monet to Picasso exhibit in the Utah Museum of Fine Art on the wall is this quote from artist Vincent Van Gogh:

The way to know life is to love many things

When I first moved to Utah 14 years ago, Salt Lake felt somewhat bland to me.  But the more I've gotten out of my shell and discovered what Salt Lake has to offer including the hidden gems, I've come to feel that I would never want to leave.  Perhaps I found the reverse to what Van Gogh was saying - I found a love for Salt Lake by knowing many things.

Despite 4 years as a student at the University of Utah, my friend Adam had never been in the Utah Museum of Fine Art. As we left the museum following a couple of hours looking over and admiring the Monet to Picasso exhibit, he could only wonder why he didn't come here sooner.

The Monet to Picasso

The Monet to Picasso exhibit from the Cleavland Museum of Art has been at the Utah Museum of Fine Art on the University of Utah campus since June 23. With two weeks left to catch this amazing exhibit I would recommend it for anyone, art aficionado or not.

The museum offers free lockers if you happen to be carrying a bag or in my case a laptop. We visited on a Tuesday afternoon and was able to walk right in with our Salt Lake Connect Passes.

There are free audio tour handsets available which I highly recommend as there are insights about many of the paintings and artists with some of the recordings more suited for the family and others more in depth. Although I had taken a couple of art history classes in college, I learned a great deal from the exhibit.

It's rare that you're able to get that close to some of the more renowned paintings done by the some of the most famous artists ever - Monet, Renior, Pissaro and others.

Renoir's "Romaine Lacaux" which is his earliest known signed painting was there as well as Picasso's "La Vie" which in 1903 was his masterpiece of the "Blue Period" to mention only a couple.

Don't miss this exhibit at the Utah Museum of Fine Art because after Sept 21, 2008 it will be leaving Salt Lake.