Known as “America’s Toughest Stage Race,” the Tour of Utah is set for another exciting showing this year. See the pack wind their way through northern Utah’s most scenic roads and canyons, and finally end up in the heart of the state in downtown Salt Lake.

The Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah is a 2.HC-rated UCI stage race, making it one of the top professional cycling events in North America. Showcasing some of the world’s most prestigious teams and cyclists for seven days in August, this event now attracts worldwide attention as the top international cycling event that follows the Tour de France. Nearly a decade since its opening circuit, the Tour of Utah, today, stands shoulder to shoulder with the most prestigious professional bicycle stage race events as Utah’s answer to the greatest cycling challenges the world has to offer. Bicycle racing offers its fans more opportunity to get close to the action than does any other professional sport. Accessibility to athletes, along with a “free admission” model, puts riders and spectators eyeball to eyeball before, during and after the event.

The Tour of Utah has supported the growth of an unparalleled athletic spectacle that showcases the best of Utah’s diverse natural beauty, and the very best side of its people and culture. Without a doubt, the Tour of Utah has achieved world-class status. The event not only represents a forum for showcasing athletic perfection, but communicates a broader message: how individual attention to personal health and physical activity at every age will lead to a stronger, healthier society.

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