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This Taco Cart RULES!

Wednesday November 7, 2012

We are very fortunate in Salt Lake to have so many great dining options, from brick-and-mortar restaurants and brew pubs, to mobile food trucks and food carts on nearly every corner.The pioneers of this mobile food movement certainly have to be the vendors of that wonderful staple of Mexican food, the TACO. There must be 40 or 50 taco carts in the greater downtown area, and I've eaten at many. While I've enjoyed them all, there is but one cart where I return again and again. It's the one that always has a crowd in front. The one that makes my stomach growl just thinking about it, and that is the cart called Tacos Don Rafa.Tacos Don Rafa has been around since 1988 and claims to be the first and the best. Not sure if they were the first, but they are for sure the best. Located by the Sears parking lot at the intersection of State Street and 800 South in Salt Lake City, they offer all kinds of interesting meats. From tripe and tongue to chicken and chicharon, I've tried most of them but I always go back to their most popular, Tacos alla Carnitas: tender seasoned pork, piled generously on two tiny made-on-site tortillas. They have a full salsa bar to make it just the way you want it, a topping for every occasion: mid-morning munchies, quick inexpensive lunch, or preemptive stomach layer after a night at the bars! Give Tacos Don Rafa a try next time you want the real thing. It doesn't get any more authentic than this.