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The Lion House Pantry Restaurant

Thursday August 5, 2010
lion house pantry logo

As I have been preparing to write this post, I tried to remember the very first time I ate at The Lion House Pantry Restaurant.  Honestly, I couldn't remember.  Our family has been going all my life: we LOVE The Lion House Pantry!  The food tastes just as good as home-cooking (most likely because they make everything on site, including their yummy baked goods).

The Lion House Pantry Restaurant is located in the basement of Brigham Young's actual home.  It's located on 63 East South Temple in downtown Salt Lake.  We typically eat at The Lion House Pantry whenever we're doing something around Temple Square, including attending concerts at The Conference Center.

The atmosphere is really cozy, especially since they've done really well to use the building's history to enhance the ambiance.  Food is served lunch-room style: you take your tray down an aisle and select the food you want from all the visible, available choices.  If you have to wait in line for a bit, there are lots of historical pioneer artifacts to see (a bonus if you're needing to keep hungry kids entertained while waiting in line).

The wide variety of desserts never cease to amaze me.  Many times I've thought "I'm just going to grab some yummy dinner/lunch" and then I end up not being able to snag a dessert because it just looked too dang tasty to leave it sitting there.  The Lion House Pantry make all their desserts in house, so they're always soooo delicious!  Their recipes are tried-and-true, having been handed down through the generations.

During this time of year, it's a real treat to be able to eat on their outdoor patio.  The flowers are always lovely and the tables are shaded by beautiful trees.  I once took a large youth group during one of their summer conferences to have their meal at The Lion House Pantry on the patio.  Afterward, many of them said it was their favorite part of the entire summer conference.

Having a meal at The Lion  House Pantry be a part of the Visit Salt Lake Connect Passes is such a sweet treat!  I was thrilled to see The Lion House Pantry Restaurant on there (along with all the other fabulous activity and sight-seeing venues).

Eating at The Lion House Pantry Restaurant has become a family tradition.  It's the perfect blend of delicious food and a comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere.  Yum!

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