The Enigma that is Salt Lake City

Back in late January I was at the Outdoor Retailer Show and one of the many parties I went to was the World's Worst PR Event, (the 2nd ever), held at Burt's Tiki Lounge. Having never been to Burt's I didn't know what to expect. It was like nothing I had ever experienced in Salt Lake. But the more I look around the more I realize a there are gems and "sights" that I have yet to experience in Salt Lake.

Like most cities, it helps if you've got someone in the know to show you around. That goes for the mountains around Salt Lake as well - they are full of trails, ski resorts, wilderness areas and more scenics than you could check out in a year - all just 15 min or so from downtown or an adjacent suburb.

That was the premise of an article by Andrea Sachs of the Washington Post. Like so many that come to Salt Lake for business or pleasure, the city they think they know is full of suprises - both indoor and out.
In an attempt to demystify Salt Lake City, I formulated a plan: During daylight hours, I would hit the landmarks and the eponymous lake. When the sun dropped and the neon beer signs switched on, I'd slip on my party shoes and dance until the DJ packed up his gear and bade us good night.

I thought that cracking Utah's drinking laws would be my biggest thrill. But after a blur of cocktails and clubs, the novelty soon wore off. The real buzz, I realized, came from the natural surroundings.

From the sounds of her visit to Salt Lake she got an unique taste of the outdoors on the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island as well as an official entrance into one of Utah's private clubs, which wasn't as tough as she thought.
This, excitedly, was my first private club. I was ready to be interviewed -- Why are you deserving of our membership? If you were a martini, what kind would you be? -- and to wow them with my worthiness. Unfortunately, it went like this:

The host asked if I was a member; I said no. But because Acumen was, I could be his guest. I showed my driver's license, then sat down. No bugles blew, no confetti was thrown, no toasts were made to the newest member.