Thai Garden Restaurant

Outside Thai Garden

I hit a new Thai restaurant today for lunch with my co-workers, Mel and Jaimie. It was a risky move for us because we love Thai food, and we have a couple favorite places already--it was almost like we were cheating on our favorite Thai restaurants.

Nevertheless, this restaurant had been highly recommended by a couple reliable sources. So we took a chance. Long story short, we were all very glad to have taken that chance. Thai Garden Restaurant, located at 4410 S 900 E, was given the winner award by both my co-workers. Yes, they dubbed it their new favorite Thai restaurant. I too, found myself dabbling with the idea to switch my thinking, and in the end, I did.

Three for three! The Thai Garden became a new favorite spot for all three of us. Here are the reasons why:

1. The price is right! All three of us ate a hearty meal (I left satisfied and they left with take-homes) and the whole bill was around $25 (not including tip). The lunch special is $7.99 for two entrees, a spring roll, and jasmine rice.

2. The taste is on! The massaman curry was the perfect mix between sweet and spicy for me. Mel and Jaimie are peanut-sauce addicts and they found a new fix with the Garden's peanut sauce which comes on several dishes. I didn't want my food to end. It was truly delectible.

2476489368_58687efee53. The service is all smiles! Every time our server came by to check on us we commented on how happy she was. Even if the food hadn't been excellent, we would have wanted to come back simply for how happy they were to have us. This was a breath of fresh air as several other Thai joints in town seem to lack in this category.

So there you have it. If you love Thai food and are looking for an all-around enjoyable experience, check out Thai Garden Restaurant.

Click HERE for a peek at the menu.