The Salt Lake Scene

Tandoor Indian Grill

img_1183I've always wanted a restaurant I could consider my own... The sort of place where you had a "usual" and were on first-name basis with the owners like so many characters in movies or on TV.  With so many impersonal restaurants and chain eateries, this fantasy had gone unfulfilled until I was introduced to an amazing Indian restaurant near my house: the Tandoor Indian Grill.

I'd heard from a friend that their Indian dishes were authentic and "to die for", so I decided to give it a try.  I am absolutely delighted that I did.  The food was so delicious that my husband and I returned the very next day!  Since then, we visit Tandoor as often as we can.

Tandoor Indian GrillTandoor's lunch buffet offerings, which vary daily and include standard Indian dishes (like lamb kurma and chicken tandoor) as well as more exotic dishes, are equally impressive.  And they always include a selection of scrumptious deserts for those with a sweet tooth.

Delicious DosaRun by Raj Duggineni and his wife, Jyothi, the restaurant has a comfortable and friendly atmosphere while remaining very professional and courteous.  Raj will often stop by our table to chat and check that everything is satisfactory (it always is!).  The curries are all amazing (yes, I've had every last one) and can be ordered to accommodate a variety of spiciness.  I also highly recommend the  dosas-- an enormous Indian version of the crepe stuffed with delicious fillings that I have not found elsewhere in Salt Lake.  And no meal at Tandoor is complete without a mango lassi! mmmm....

Try Tandoor, it is sure to become your new favorite Indian restaurant!