Sushi Downtown at Ginza

ginza-salt-lake-city-sushi-outsideI picked my mom up from the airport the other day and headed towards downtown to grab some eats and enjoy some time to catch up. It was just past 1pm and both of us were starving but what to eat?

After realizing that both of us favor sushi and our spouses don't really care for it I was in a bit of a quandry as to where.  I do enjoy Happy Sumo, especially on a nice afternoon when you can sit on the patio but it was a bit warm and I was thinking of trying somewhere else.  So I texted a SLC foodie friend and simply asked:

Got a good Sushi recommendation in Salt Lake?

Her reply was this:

"Takashi is my fave. Otherwise Tsunami in Sugar House or Ginza by the Salt Palace. I've always wanted to try Wasabi at 7th E and 21 S"

It had been 5 years or so since I was last in Ginza and since we were already downtown that sealed the deal.

About Ginza

Ginza was started 14 years ago and enjoys a location that makes it both a local's favorite as well as a convenient location for Jazz fans, business travelers and meeting/convention attendees as it's just kiddy-corner from the Southwest corner of the Salt Lake Convention Center.


Lucky for us we stopped by on a quiet afternoon but after chatting with the sushi chefs they said it was a packed house last week at this time during the Outdoor Retailer Show, stating that "locals know better than to come here during OR".

The Food and Atmosphere

One of the things that is enjoyable about Ginza is the simple atmosphere that is casual and pretty chill. Adding to that are the sushi chefs who were enjoyable to chat with. We found out that Marlene who has been rolling sushi for 13 years at Ginza and whose parents started one of the first Japanese Restaurants in Salt Lake City called the "Hibachi" was on her second to last day. She was very pleasant to chat with and after some prodding talked about the thousands of interesting and enjoyable people she's known over the years.

It seems that her skill of rolling sushi is well honed over those 13 years as the rolls were artful as well as extremely tasteful. I got the Rainbow Roll along with the Spicy Yellow Tail (left below) while my mom chose the Spicy Scallop roll (below right).

Ginza in Salt Lake City - Rainbow and Spicy Yellow Tail rolls Ginza Sushi in Salt Lake - Spicy Scallop Roll

The fish was quite fresh and the special touch of the radish sprouts and greens on the rainbow roll added to the presentation. The price for lunch with tip was under $40 so that was agreeable. It's not flashy but it's good sushi in a chill atmosphere that will have most locals and visitors coming back to Ginza time and time again.

Ginza is located on the corner of 2nd South and 2nd West.