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Sun and Sushi at Happy Sumo

Aside from a storm or two, the autumn weather in Salt Lake has been more than enjoyable with average to above average temperatures and of course, the typical abundance of sunshine.  So when a buddy sent me an invite to lunch with "the geeks" at Happy Sumo, I couldn't pass it up.

Located in the southern end of the Gateway Center, Happy Sumo sits among over a dozen of restaurants and eateries but comes in as the only sushi option. But just because it's the only option on this end of the Gateway Center, doesn't mean it doesn't measure up as it was "Voted Best Sushi" by City Weekly Magazine.

I opted to walk to Sumo from the Salt Palace Convention Center main entrance and it took just over 10 minutes.  The train ride back was not much shorter after waiting for the train to arrive so either option is available if you're coming from downtown.

Thanks to the sunny afternoon we (all 15 of us) were able to be seated on the patio out front to enjoy the sun and the sushi.


Sumo for Lunch

Like nearly every sushi restaurant Happy Sumo has its specialty rolls. One that we sampled as a group was the Playboy Roll (pictured below) which is Tempura shrimp, avocado and cucumbers topped with tuna sashimi, Sumo sauce (it has a bit of picante to it), eel sauce and tabiko. Writing out the ingredients makes me hungry for another, it was that tasty.

I personally ordered up a trio for lunch: the Wasatch Roll, Unagi Nigiri (freshwater eel) and Kappa Maki which is cucumber roll.

The Wasatch Roll (pictured above on the left), is a collection of salmon, yellowtail and cucumbers topped with tabiko and spicy Sumo sauce.

The fish was fresh tasting, the eel was perfect (although a bit smaller than I've had elsewhere) and the atmosphere of dinning in the sun on the patio was hard to beat.  We had a member of our group that didn't care for sushi and there were a number of entrees like the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl below that are on the menu.  They even offer vegetarian dishes.

Our service this particular day was quite friendly and very accommodating, particularly when it came time for separate billing.

If you visit Happy Sumo for lunch during the week, expect a 5-10 minute wait as it's a hot spot for locals.