Summer at Snowbird

Date: May 31-July 9, 2009
Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT
Featuring: Me (Jake Kirshner) & Dex Mills

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There is a variety of different things to do in Utah in the summer. There's biking and hiking and swimming. There's the Hogle Zoo and Red Butte Gardens.

So when I managed to get my hands on some Salt Lake Connect Passes earlier this summer, I was pretty excited! I thought, look at all this cool, new stuff I get to try in Salt Lake!

Then I found out I could take the Snowbird Summer Tram with them and I buckled. Like a great floating beast it began calling to me. "Jakeeeee...There's probably still snowww up heree," "Jakeeeeee...You need to go skiing right now!"
Well...I folded like a cheap suit. What I thought was going to be the summer I beat my skiing demons away with mountain bikes and boat trips, lasted only 39 days. I am a weak, weak man.

Whatever, the zoo will be here next year...

Managing my addiction,