The Salt Lake Scene

Street Side Tacos

You've seen them - the various Taco Stands that are found through the city.  But have you stopped to sample the food?  I'm telling you now, you're missing out if you've not done so.

The other day I was meeting a friend near 8th South and State Street and given that it was lunch time we opted to hit up one of two taco stands there on the NW corner.

The food that they were cooking up looked fantastic and after seeing a number of people there, including a majority of them being Hispanics, I figured that this was as authentic as it gets.  Not only did that ring true but the cost of lunch kept my wallet feeling pretty happy.

We got "carne asada" and "pollo" tacos (4 of them each) and two sodas and the total was $9.  That had me pretty excited to give it a try.

The tacos come pretty plain but after dressing them up with a variety of fixings my lunch looked something like this.

Unless you get them to go, you've got to remember that you're eating street-side with autos, trucks and other vehicles zooming by.  It's not really your standard fare in more ways than one.  We sat on a cement barrier in the shade of an elm tree and enjoyed the meal with some fine conversation catching up.

The ladies that run this particular Taco Stand (the one on the 8th South Side) were quite nice and helpful in lieu of our lack of Spanish.

So the next time the lunch bug has got you, try stopping by one of the many Taco Stands in town and enjoy a meal of a different style.