The days of COVID-19 are upon us. With the highly contagious disease spreading, we’re encountering the toilet paper apocalypse and the need to stay home all day everyday. So it’s pretty easy to gravitate towards the Ben & Jerry’s, a family size bag of Doritos, and do absolutely nothing on the couch. We’re just waiting for the 15 pounds to hit and our endorphin levels to drop. We know those sweatpants may feel mighty cozy right about now, but we all might be quoting the lunch table moment from Mean Girls fairly soon, “Sweatpants are all that fits me right now.” To avoid the Quarantine-15 here’s some easy ways to stay happy and healthy while staying at home.

Virtual Yoga

Peace, serenity, and a nice workout. Many Salt Lake City studios are offering virtual yoga classes from Ashtanga to flow to Vinyasa. If you’re a hot yoga kind of guy or gal, you can always turn the thermostat up an obscene temperature, we approve of that.

CorePower Yoga

Live and on-demand virtual classes through YouTube. From sculpting to meditation, these free 75-minute classes will get you feeling refreshed and ready for your day at home. They also have a paid on-demand subscription {} with different class types and speeds.

A variety of live yoga classes through Zoom. They post weekly schedules so it won’t get in the way of any of your shows

Centered City Yoga

From 18-minute classes to 57-minute classes, they have a great selection of shorter and more intensive lessons, varying different yoga methods.

Virtual Yoga

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21st Yoga

They have a multitude of lessons targeting core, balance, stretching and more. These classes last around an hour, so if you’re yearning for the maximum benefits of a yoga class, this is the one for you. They’re also posting new Facebook live videos if following along live is more your speed.

Diverse Workout Classes

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Diverse Workout Classes

Sitting at home could get quite boring and so could repeating the same type of exercise everyday. These local Salt Lake City gyms and studios are offering classes from virtual boxing all the way to Pilates and barre. If Zumba intimidated you before COVID 19, have no fear, because the only one watching your uncoordinated hip sway is probably just going to be your cat.

Although some of the classes may require a tension band or even a skateboard (check out the creativity coming from Peak 45 on Instagram), most just require you and a device that connects to the internet.

Shred415 in Millcreek

With these free 15-minute workouts on Instagram, the instructors offer tips and modifications so you’re able to ease into your workouts at your own pace. This is the perfect quick jolt to your morning, targeting arms to abs to full body exercises. No fancy home gym needed.

Maven Strong has a pretty vast selection of classes so you can try these fun and caloric-burning workout classes from strength to meditation to barre (chair needed). Support your local studio by grabbing a monthly subscription or by trying a drop-in virtual class for $10. Once you sign up they’ll send you a link via your email to join the class.

You can box with Nia (virtually of course) or do an ab blast with Meredith on demand through their online subscription. Rebel House also offers cycling classes so if you have a stationary bike at home this will be a good all-around fitness subscription to have. People can even test the waters, as they do have a 2-day online trial.

A varied class series with yoga, cycling (bike needed) and strength training, you’ll be able to work all the muscles that will help relieve stress and boost endorphins. SEEK offers a monthly subscription that should work on all your devices and get you the full body workout you’ve been wanting.

Peak 45

This local gym usually relies on workouts using the Megaformer machine, but in the days of all things virtual, they’ve become very innovative with props such as skateboards and chairs. All videos are free through Instagram TV, but they do have a donation link so you can help support the local business.

For a $5 drop-in fee per class, you can choose from high intensity interval training to body sculpting in your 45-minute virtual class. After signing up, you’ll receive a link to stream the session you chose.

Equipment Required

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Equipment Necessary

In case you already impulse purchased a home gym and need to now use that home gym, or you’ve been eying a Peloton (did the commercials finally get to you?) and want to elevate your at-home workout regimen, here are some classes for you.

To fully experience the Bar Method, they have prop kits for purchase via Instagram message or email. Members are able to livestream traditional classes via Instagram and guests are able to join in by signing up here.


It’s time to put that stationary bike to good use. With free on-demand videos via their website, Rideologie offers 50-minute virtual cycling classes distinguished by instructor, and live Instagram classes by request. On their website, classes are filmed in studio, so you’ll forget you’re at home and be reminded of the good old days of social closeness. 

A unique and local workout tool, Obsidian classes utilize the Obsidian slide board. If you’ve done all the strength training and yoga, this is an enjoyable way to switch it up and burn extra calories while sliding across a sleek board