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St. Patrick's Day at Brighton

brighton01jleahyJust as I was feeling a little wistful for St. Patrick's day in Boston, along came a gloriously sunny ski day in Utah to reframe my idea of the holiday.

The morning started out leisurely - with Big Cottonwood Canyon under an hour away, no need to rush out the door. I met friends Kate, Sean, and Rob at the Brighton ticket office, and five minutes later, we were on our way up the mountain.

The view from the top of the Crest express lift was spectacular - the Wasatch mountains never get old.  I love the terrain at Brighton: as an intermediate skier, I like the variety of runs available to me and the chance to try some glade skiing without getting in over my head.

brighton-09-03 brighton-09-191

After a couple runs off Crest, we moved over to the Snake Creek (another fast ride - you can access all of Brighton via high speed quad), and finally, my favorite, Great Western. The lifties were in the holiday spirit, spraying down the snow with green dye.  After another blissful hour or two, it was chow time.

I'd never been to Molly Green's before, but its Irish name was appropriate enough and by the time Kate and I met up with the guys, they'd already ordered a pitcher of a local favorite pale ale, Uinta Cutthroat, so our St. Patrick's Day lunch was off to a good start. In general, I like the low-key, old-school feel of Brighton, and Molly's was no exception. No lines, nothing flashy, just a good ol' A-frame restaurant at the base of the mountain, serving pub food and beverages.


As lunch winded down, I checked the time and realized I'd have to leave in 15 minutes for a meeting. The beauty of skiing at Brighton is, I still had time for one more good run.