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Spinach Blackened Tilapia Salad at Squatters

Best known for it's locally brewed beer with award winning flavors like Provo Girl Pilsner and Full Suspension Ale, Squatters wouldn't have been my first guess for finding what I think could be one of Salt Lake's best salads.

But there I was last Thursday evening on a particularly pleasant summer night downtown at Squatters on the patio for a reception.

After looking over the menu I asked the server which of the salads was her favorite. "The Spinach Blackened Tilapia is quite popular," she replied. On the recommendation I gave it a go and was very glad that I did.

Not familiar with Tilapia, she mentioned that it is Tuna. To be correct, Tilapia is a family of fish containing Cod, Tuna and Halibut to name a few.

The Spinach Blackened Tilapia Salad was not only a great tasting salad but more of a meal that's definitely worth going back for. At $12.95 it's reasonable considering how filling it is.

It had hints of a Cesar dressing with chalets, tomato and a hint of cilantro. It was a bit heavy on the chips as seen in the image above, but it wasn't enough to spoil the flavor or texture. This is a fresh approach to salad and if like me you're fond of white fish you too may be telling all your friends about it.

About Squatters

Squatters has an unique approach to business. That is "People - Planet - Profit", in that order. Doing things the normal way certainly isn't their modus operandi, which may be one reason for its great success and growth.

Two tid-bits about Squatters worth mentioning are:

  • In January 2004 the Salt Lake Brewing Co (which is the parent company to Squatters) became a Salt Lake e2 Business and was awarded environmental company of the year by the Recycling Coalition of Utah. They've used wind power in all of their three locations and work hard to purchase goods and services from local Salt Lake and Utah companies

  • Brewmaster Jenny Talley (yes, a woman Brewmaster) has continually won awards and is active in brewing many different flavors. In fact, she posted on her blog last month that she just started to make her first German Weisse Beer which she describes as a "great clove-like phenolic notes mingle with hints of banana".