The Salt Lake Scene

Something Fresh at Citris Grill

Salt Lake has a number of freshly unique restaurants that you've never heard of. Citris Grill is likely one of them.

Started in February 2004 at their Canyon Rim location on 3300 South, they've recently opened a Draper location serving up the same goodness there. From their site:

At Citris Grill, your neighborhood squeeze, fresh is the key. And it's fresh that helps us reach our goal of providing a completely gratifying dining experience to our guests.

Homemade soups & salads, distinctive wraps & sandwiches, wood-fired specialty pizzas, and mouth-watering entrees are just some of the dining options available.

The menu is affordable given the quality of unique and original recipes. I've had their salads in the past and recommend the simply named "Four" and "Two" salads.

One differentiating thing about Citris is the opportunity to choose the size of portion you want on most all entres and salads. Feeling hungry? Get the Hearty size. Not in the mood to roll out the front door? Petite is your style.

While having lunch at the newer Draper location last Friday, (located in the Draper Peaks shopping center on 123rd South), I sampled some of their Spinach Artichoke dip with Tortilla Chips. The dip is amazingly good! While not too strong on either savory flavor, its unique combination had me double dipping. When our ahi tuna fish tacos arrived I used the dip on the tacos to much delight!

Word is that although they don't bottle and sell it that patrons come in on a regular basis to purchase the dip in quantity. I know that next time I'm in the neighborhood it's a sure thing I'll be stopping by for some dip, if not a full meal.

Citris Grill in Draper, Utah