Snowbird Gets A Powder Makeover

Location: Snowbird, UT
Date: December 19, 2007
New Snow: 20" (last 7 days)
Crew: Myself (Jake Kirshner), Josh Matta, Dan Cudlip

People celebrate the holidays in different ways. Some people decorate a tree with lights and ornaments, while other light candles eight nights in a row.

However, I celebrated this holiday season by strapping 191cm planks to each of my feet and going headlong into the deep Utah snow.

Snowbird Ski Instructor Josh Matta gives us a refresher course on skiing pow.

Fellow Instructor Dan Cudlip does his best to follow suit.

I find my happy place in Gad 2's Banana Trees.

Josh goes incognito under Mineral Basin Express.

Dan fights his way out of the deep pow on Silver Dipper.

I wrap things up with some air in Gad 2's Tiger Tail.

The seven day forecast is full of storms...this has some serious potential,