Snow; First Time on Display at Bevalo


There are many firsts, but when it comes to snow first tracks and first chair are at the top of the list.

First snowflakes are pretty cool too.  In fact, it snowed last week in Salt Lake for the first time this season which is quite appropriate considering what will unveil this Friday night, October 17 at Bevalo,

Long time Ski Utah Creative Director Chris Pearson will be displaying his photography at Bevalo and kicking it off with a reception this Friday night.

This is the fist time that Chris' work has been displayed publicly, despite having had a number of his images published locally and even some nationally.

Like most backcountry skiers in the Wasatch, Chris too is privy to a tremendous amount of nature's beauty and moments that can sometimes seem surreal, even unbelievable had they not been experienced first hand.  However, unlike most, he's got a skill for capturing those moments and bringing them to non skiers and skiers alike.

Of this Chris says:
I am very passionate about adventure and through my years here in Utah, I've been able to capture some truly great moments of those adventures, I am very excited to have this opportunity to show my photography as well as some art pieces that I have been working on as well."

The images will be on display at Bevalo from October 18 on so if you're in the neighborhood of 2nd south and 100 east (123 East 200 South to be exact), particularly on a Saturday or Sunday while they're serving the brunch special, check out Chris' work.