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SLC's Best Family Hiking Trails

Monday August 9, 2010

A love of the outdoors is one of the best gifts parents can give their children, and here in Salt Lake we have amazing opportunities for outdoor family recreation. Late summer is a great time for children, parents and grandparents to escape the summer heat and get into Utah's mountains for some hiking.

Hiking is a wonderful family activity, but not all hiking trails are wonderful for families. A good hiking trail for mixed family groups including young children or seniors should be short (under 3 miles or so) and not too steep. It should also feature some interesting attraction - such as a lake or waterfall - so children will feel they're going somewhere and not just trudging pointlessly through the woods. Here's a list of great family hikes in the Salt Lake City area, any of which can make for a memorable and affordable family outing.

Family Hikes Near Salt Lake City

Photo by Flickr user scottks1

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