SkiTops 2009 Convention

skitops-partySki Salt Lake and its partners just wrapped up hosting 100 of the top-selling tour operators throughout North America during SkiTops' 2009 annual convention.

The 4-day convention gave this group of influential sellers of ski vacations a birds-eye view of Salt Lake's version of apres ski, a far cry from the typical scene in most ski towns. Rather than hitting one, maybe two bars at the end of the day, Salt Lake served up hundreds of bars and restaurants for the convention.

Instead of having the choice of either a pizza joint or a high-priced steak place to eat, they found hundreds of restaurants to choose from, running the gamut of price ranges with just about every type of food imaginable.


Nightlife? They found that too.  When most resort towns offer the same ol' stale band, Salt Lake lights up, visitors and locals alike choose among every type of entertainment, from jazz and blues to a martini bar to catching a touring act.

Of course, Salt Lake's cultural scene also offers something for the more refined taste: ballet, live theater or the symphony. And when's the last time you skied all day and caught an NBA game or played hockey at an Olympic venue?

Yes, these tour operators saw a different side of apres ski, one more skiers and boarders are sure to see -- when they finally get around to booking a Ski Salt Lake vacation, that is.