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Ski Swaps Season Comes to Salt Lake

ski-swapThere's definitely snow in the air and that means one thing this time of the year: Ski Swaps. Ever been to a ski swap at the moment the masses are let loose to search for this years "new" planks? It can be both entertaining as well as down right competitive. Perhaps more so than trying to score first tram at Snowbird on a powder day.

Competitive nature aside, the Ski Swaps in and around Salt Lake are often some of the best places to score a sweet deal on some skis, boots or even your next outfit. Prices are often unimaginable and many of the swaps are benefits for local organizations.

Here's a run down of some of the swaps in and around Salt Lake City.

  1. Snowbird Ski and Board swap - September 11-13.  This is a benefit for the Snowbird Sports Education Foundation.  It happens at the Snowbird Center with a $3 fee for skis and boards, $2 fee for soft goods.  Check out for more info

  2. Sports Den - Oct 8-11.  This swap is held at the Sports Den store at 1350 S. Foothill Drive here in Salt Lake City.

  3. Rowmark Ski Swap - Oct 16-17.  Rowland Hall School in Salt Lake City is hosting their swap this year at the Eccles Filed House on Guardsman Way.  You'll find plenty of race skis at this swap.  Check out for more info

  4. Black Diamond - Oct 17.  You won't find any race skis here. Held each year in the parking lot of the Black Diamond store, this swap is as much about people spectating and hanging out as it is about finding deals.  For a lot of backcountry skiers, this is one of those fall events that signals winter is near.  2092 East 3900 South.  Things usually get rolling around 8am.

  5. Park City Ski Swap and Sale - Nov 6-8.  This is the grand-daddy of them all.  The opening night commands a $8 admission when things kick off at pm and like the running of the bulls you'd better bring your A game if you're going to dance with danger and catch the opener at 8am.  But the deals are abundant and deep.  Admission is $5 on Saturday, $2 on Sunday when the selection has been picked over more than Filene's basement the day after Thanksgiving.

For buying or selling, the swaps are a great opportunity as well as a social event you'll likely enjoy taking in each fall season to signal winter is upon us.