Ski and Stay: 4th Day and Night Free

4th-freeWith the latest storm that passed through a couple of days ago cooling things off considerably and the fact that Salt Lake's Ski Resorts are all less than one month away from their scheduled opening dates, skiing is definitely on the brain.  Adding fuel to the fire are the number of pass and gear deals that are out there to be had.

One of the best deals around if Salt Lake is on your radar this year is the Ski and Stay 4th Day and Night for Free promotion.

I'm not sure about you but long gone are the days when a week long ski vacation is the norm.  3-day weekends have been more popular as I've talked to skiers and snowboarders while riding the lifts the past few years, especially thanks to the Salt Lake airport being  just 30 minutes from the resorts which makes the travel time a non-issue.  The thought of taking a perfectly good 3-day weekend ski trip and pushing it to 4 days for no extra cost makes getting faceshots all the more enjoyable.

For the other three days you aren't destined for full prices either.  A lot of hotels have deals of their own and you can snag the Ski Salt Lake Super Pass for 3 days and you'll be at $62 a day.  The Super Pass gives you the flexibility to go to any of the Cottonwood Resorts you'd like.


That leaves just one question: Where would you want to stay and where would you ski on that fourth day?  If you're a Fan of Visit Salt Lake on Facebook you can chime in on where you'd stay  if your 4th night were free.

Would you opt for a resort side bed like the Inn at Solitude or perhaps the Cliff at Snowbird or do you take in the Salt Lake nightlife by staying at the Monaco or step things up to 5 stars at the Grand America?  Decisions, decisions.

Grandpa always said nothing in life is free but then again, Grandpa wasn't a skier and had no idea about Ski Salt Lake.