The Salt Lake Scene

Settebello - Purely Italian

Thanks in part to my wife who lived in Italy for a time, and in part to my love of good food, when it comes to eating Italian I'm somewhat picky. Like most of you, I want the real thing. It was with anticipation that my good friend Jules Lambert who runs the local company PROBAR, suggested we have lunch at his new favorite place - Settebello.

Located in the heart of downtown eating at what I like to call the new "hotbed of eats" that is the area surrounding the corner of 2nd west and 3rd south, Settebello is fast gaining the attention of Salt Lakers and visitors alike. It's not hard to gather attention when you win Best New Restaurant of 2008 by Salt Lake Magazine Dining Guide. It also doesn't hurt to have great neighbors in Acme, Buca, Red Rock, and PF Chang to name a few.

It was started by a couple of guys that lived in Italy and who strictly follow the Napoli style of pizza making. Owners Michael Brooks and Brad Otton work very closely with renowned pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia. Signore Coccia was one of the original founding members of the Vera Pizza Napoletana organization created to preserve the history and integrity of the Napoletana pizza-making process.

They cook their pizzas in a brick oven (made in Italy of course) which gets to temperatures of nearly 1000 degrees, taking only 45-60 seconds to fully cook.

The decor is simple yet contemporary and the service was ok the day I was there. But the food, yes the food was fantastic. We started out with the house Foccacia which isn't like any Foccacia I've eaten but was simple and savory with hints of olive oil. It was quite light, unlike American Foccacia bread.

I chose the Pizza Lasagna which looked quite authentic, not resembling any pizza I'd eaten in a long time. Right down to the no slices. Just tear off a chunk like a bar of bread.

It wasn't overly heavy on the spices, allowing the cheese and real Italian meatballs to add the real flavor.

It was large enough that I could have split it but since Jules is a vegetarian he was more than pleased with his simple Marinara pizza with peppers and Cipollle Onions.

While I'm no food expert, I can say that Settebello was well worth going to for lunch. The price of our pizzas were $9.99 for Jules' and $11.99 for mine which combined with the great taste will definitely have me coming back. If you're in Salt Lake and want to experience authentic Napoli pizza, don't miss Settebello.