Schmidt's Pastry Cottage

Recently, as part of SassyScoops, I got to fully experience the culinary delights of Schmidt's Pastry Cottage!  I've enjoyed their eclairs (AMAZING) and cakes at weddings (their cakes are offered at most all Salt Lake City reception centers).  My Grandma raves about Schmidt's, talking about them like they invented baked goods.  But, I'd never visited their store and tried all of the other wonderful things Schmidt's has to offer until going with SassyScoops.

Let's just say: my expectations were exceeded and I'll never be able to enjoy a "cheap" cookie/cake again (cheap referring to quality, not cost - Schmidt's prices are crazy-affordable).

Schmidts Pastry Cottage Bakery Utah SLC

Background info from their website:


For nearly half a century, Schmidt's Pastry Cottage has earned a reputation as a premier bakery. It's products are have been served to dignitaries, celebrities, sports teams and folks from all over the world.  Many couples find that Schmidt's has the finest wedding cakes in Utah. You may choose from our many designs or leverage our expert decorators in designing your own. Compliment your personalized cake with a wide variety of delicious pastries and catering specialties and you will see why Schmidt's Pastry Cottage has the best reputation in town. Visit us at any one of our three locations so that we may help you create the wedding cake of your dreams.

Here's a few of my favorite treats:



Schmidts Pastry Cottage Bakery Utah SLC



Schmidt's Pastry Cottage Cheesecake - I've never, ever, ever loved cheesecake until tasting this (seriously).



Schmidts Pastry Cottage Bakery Utah SLC



Schmidt's German Chocolate Cookie - if you like the cake, you'll LOVE their cookie!



There's a reason why Schmidt's eclairs are so popular at weddings: they're the very best!



Schmidts Pastry Cottage Bakery Utah SLC



Meeting the family behind Schmidt's really gave me a great respect for how their company has maintained integrity with their products.  Everything remains homemade and true to their customer's expectations.  They don't sacrifice the quality of their pastries just to save some time.  Their work is hard, labor-intensive & back-breaking, but they continue to do it because they have a PASSION for creating the best cakes, cookies, pastries and rolls around!  Truly, companies like these are a dime-a-dozen.



My family will definitely be visiting Schmidt's Pastry Cottage in the future, as well as using them for catering.  YUM!



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