Salt Lake Welcomes MPI WEC 2009

mpi-wec-2009-saltpalaceIf you've ever attended a meeting or convention, it's a safe bet that someone who is part of Meeting Planners International (MPI) was invovled in the meeting's success.  So it's with great enthusiasm that Salt Lake Welcomes the 2009 MPI convention here in Salt Lake at the Salt Palace.  Meeting planners, professionals, host cities and related hotels and meeting providers have all gathered here from July 11-14, 2009.

This morning as the World Education Congress (WEC) began, Ben Stein, actor, lawyer and business speaker gave the keynote welcome speech and with that the event kicked off.

So why is this event such a big deal for Salt Lake?
MPI delegates represent billions of dollars in meetings and conventions annually. “We can absolutely quantify the direct economic impact from the stay of over 2,500 delegates for the MPI event at over $2 million, but the long-term exposure of hosting MPI is where the real impact is going to be felt,” said Scott Beck, President/CEO of the SLCVB. “This group is to the meeting industry what the 2002 Winter Olympics were to the winter sports industry. We know from feedback from prior MPI host cities that we can expect a strong halo effect from the successful hosting of MPI as we continue to promote Salt Lake as a world-class destination for meetings and conventions.”

This ‘stamp of approval’ from a prestigious group like MPI allows us to show the world that Salt Lake is an ideal place to do business. Not many MPI members have done events in Salt Lake so this opportunity will give greater exposure to Salt Lake as a destination for meetings, conventions in a city that has the night life, restaurants and outdoor activities that meeting attendees desire.

If you attended MPI, we'd like to hear your feedback about the event, Salt Lake and your time here. Please consider leaving a comment below.