Don’t get us wrong—we love our neighbors on the east slope of the Rockies. What’s not to love with all the 14-er’s, great ski resorts, stunning landscapes, cannabis, the scary blue horse with red eyes, and all that? I mean, contrary to some people’s beliefs (did you know that Dumb and Dumber was filmed in Salt Lake?), John Denver wasn’t wrong about those Rocky Mountain highs—the place is beautiful. 

That said, if you’re serious about skiing (whether you’re an aspiring pro, or a parent raising powderhounds), there’s really only one city to consider. Salt Lake is Ski City, and we put together a little comparison video to demonstrate why we call Salt Lake, "Ski City", and why the powder faithful live, work, and play here. The skiing is so close—it’s pretty hard to argue when you have the amenities, events, and attractions of a burgeoning western city only minutes away (not hours, sorry Denver) from The Greatest Snow On Earth™. Pro skiers and snowboarders live and retire here. Investment bankers and tech executives dawn patrol before hitting the office here in Ski City. Kids are raised on the slopes here in Ski City. Salt Lake is truly a city set in the mountains.

And while the moniker is ‘Ski’ City, we love our snowboarding friends—always have, and if you don’t believe that Salt Lake is a snowboarding mecca, you need to check out the History of Snowboarding in Salt Lake. Fact is, Ski City is the most inclusive (boarders, skiers, snowbikers, snowlerbladers, etc.) and it’s also the quickest access to The Greatest Snow on Earth™. IKON, Epic, Mountain Collective, and resort-pass holders will attest that if you want the best and most skiing paired with one of the most vibrant, and urban cities in the US, you gotta check out Ski City. Start planning your next trip to Salt Lake today. 

Check out some of the best that Ski City has to offer.