The Salt Lake Scene

Salt Lake - It's a Grid

I grew up in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon where the direction of roads have no rhyme or reason to them. For a visitor, it was a nightmare.

One street in particular called Boones Ferry Road travels about 15 miles through southwest Portland starting west, then going north, turns east, north again, then west after a little stream crossing get the picture.

Compare that to Salt Lake's 7th east for example. Active street, touches may parts of the community. It starts heading south and, here's the punchline, heads south until it ends unceremoniously at the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley. Nothing too exciting. But it's simple and relatively easy to figure out once you realize a couple of things:

  1. The mountains are to the east of the city

  2. Street names originate at the Salt Lake Temple in downtown

So finding a neighborhood like Sugarhouse or Canyon Rim doesn't require a local, but just some local knowledge.

Without delving into the grid system explanation, I was reading Salt Lake Magazine about their take on the grid system. Check it out.