The Salt Lake Scene

Salt Lake is Like Coming Home

During the Outdoor Retailer Show Winter Market I had the chance to inverview a few of the attendees at random. Of course it was easier to pin down those that were hanging out in a booth versus those that were just milling about.

In this clip I had the chance to talk with Chuck Toal who works for Wigwam, a century old company located in Wisconson who to this day is still making socks and owned by the same family.  Chuck said that he enjoyed coming to Salt Lake twice a year for the Outdoor Retailer Show and that he felt like it was "Coming Home" each time he arrives.

With fly fishing and skiing close by and restaurants like Log Haven and PF Changs, Chuck said that Salt Lake is tops on his list of cities, a list that included locations like Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Minneapolis. Thanks for your time Chuck!