Salt Lake Connect Pass City Tour

** NOTE: For 2009 we've postponed the City Tour due to City Creek Construction and will look to offer this again as the development is complete.**

Although the Salt Lake Connect Pass is still valid any day during the year, the Connect Pass City Tour has ended for 2008.  Just prior to it ending I took the chance to do the City Tour and had two questions once it was done:

  1. - Why did I wait all summer to do this?

  2. - Why on earth would someone drive themselves instead of taking the Connect Pass City Tour?

The Connect Pass City Tour features regular transportation that accesses 15 different stop locations (including the two start locations of the Salt Palace Convention Center and the Little America Hotel) with 15 different sights to take in. Nine of these attractions require the Connect Pass to gain access.  These nine include:

  1. Olympic Cauldron Park

  2. Utah Museum of Fine Arts

  3. Red Butte Garden

  4. This is the Place Heritage Park

  5. Utah's Hogle Zoo

  6. Utah Museum of Natural History

  7. The Lion House Pantry

  8. Discovery Gateway

  9. Clark Planetarium

Each stop features a little City Tour sign and is adjacent to the venue so finding your way to and from each stop is seamless.  The shuttle comes around every 45 minutes and  you can get on and off wherever you'd like along the way.  You don't have to get off at each stop - it's a choose your own adventure tour.

The bonus is that the Connect Pass City Tour includes lunch at the Lion House Pantry which is well worth it!.

As my friend Adam and left our first stop of the Utah Museum of Fine Art he looked at me and said,
"Family Reunion.  This tour has family reunion written all over it.  The only challenge is deciding what venues to hit and what to pass up!"

I spoke with a gal from San Francisco who we met when she got on at This is the Place Heritage Park and she told me that the City Tour was "such a value" and that the convenience of not having to drive and navigate around town to see so many attractions was a "no brainer."  She got off at the next stop - the Hogle Zoo.

Indeed, the Connect Pass is a nice value at $20 a day when lunch at the Lion House Pantry is $9 alone! But the benefit of the City Tour and not having to drive is well worth the additional $15 a day.

I for one will be bringing the entire family on the Connect Pass City Tour when they come to visit Utah next summer.