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Salt Lake City Museums

Thursday June 13, 2013

The Leonardo 

Did you know that video games got their start in Utah?! Learn all about other inventions that were born right here in Utah at The Leonardo Museum. 

Salt Lake City is full of museums to discover and explore. Whether you are interested in the stars and planets, ancient history, art, or just want a fun place for your children to discover and explore, there is a museum in Salt Lake for you!

Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium
The Clark Planetarium is a favorite museum for anybody interested in stars and the planets. Located at The Gateway mall downtown, a trax station is conveniently located right outside the Planetarium. Admission to the exhibits is always free, so come many times and explore the world beyond ours. Take a walk on Mars or the Moon. Lazer light shows and IMAX movies are available for a small fee. This is an attraction on the Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass.

Natural History Museum of Utah 
With it's grand opening a few years ago, the new Natural History Museum of Utah is bigger and better than before! Located next to Red Butte Garden by the University of Utah, the Natural History Museum of Utah has multiple levels of discovering dinosaurs, science, ancient artifacts and more! This is also included in your Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass

The Leonardo 
Located at Library Square in downtown Salt Lake City, The Leonardo is also one of Salt Lake City's newer museums. The Leonardo focuses mainly on invention and discovery. My favorite part of the museum is the Utah specific area. Did you know that video games, TV, heart transplants and many other amazing inventions and discoveries all got their start right here in Utah?! The Leonardo also offers special exhibits, like the Mummies Of The World exhibit that just ended last month. Their newest special exhibit is the "101 Inventions That Changed The World". They are also preparing to host the "Dead Sea Scrolls" exhibit this Fall. The Leonardo is also included in your Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass.

Discovery Gateway 
For parents with young children, The Discovery Gateway Children's Museum is the perfect place to spend the afternoon. Located at The Gateway mall downtown, it is also close to a trax station, and right across the street from the Clark Planetarium. Children will love broadcasting the news, forecasting the weather, climbing aboard a helicopter, discovering what it's like to be a worker bee, exploring life on a farm, trying their hand at construction work, shopping and working in a grocery store, and much, much more! The Discovery Gateway museum is also a feature on the Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass.

Fort Douglas War Museum

Pioneer Memorial Museum 
With six floors of artifacts to discover, the Pioneer Memorial Museum is full of items and artifacts that was part of everyday life for the early Utah pioneers. Admission is free, and is run by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.

Fort Douglas Military Museum 
The Fort Douglas Museum is located on the East bench of Salt Lake City by the University of Utah. Fort Douglas was founded by Abraham Lincoln in 1862. The first soldiers to be stationed there lived in tents and dugouts. Shortly after, permanent buildings and living quarters were built. Admission to the museum is free of charge, but donations are always welcome. (Side note: My son looked at this picture, and said it looked like "Night At The Wax Museum", a production we saw recently at The Empress Theatre. It's playing until June 22, 2013, and is fun for the entire family, especially while you are discussing and visiting various museums around Salt Lake!)

LDS Church History and Art Museum
At this museum you will find exhibits, artifacts and art relating to the LDS church. Learn all about the pioneers in the early days of the church, and also the church as it is today. Children will love the children's area, which is full of interactive play, including puppet shows, films, and even a chance to put on costumes and star in their own play!

Utah Museum of Fine Arts
The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is fun for the entire family. Some of the art displayed in this museum dates back over 5,000 years ago. Every third Saturday, they offer a free art activity for families. This is another attraction on the Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass.  

Historic Sandy Museum  
Located about twenty minutes South of downtown Salt Lake City, the historic Sandy Museum displays many objects from Utah's earliest days. Learn about the old streelights that used to line the streets of Sandy and other suburbs of Salt Lake City. When the police officer would come around to light the streelights, the children playing outside all knew that was their cue to go home for the night. Also on display is a collection of beloved toys from early Utah life when life was much simpler before video games and television. The flag that was flying the day Utah became a state is also on display. Admission is free, but donations are always welcome.