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Salt Lake Brew Pubs Raising Brows

New York Times Salt Lake Brew PubsAs the state and Governor Huntsman finalize plans (today) to do away with the private club membership  for bars, more and more people are taking notice of Salt Lake's brew pubs.

Oh my heck, (only in Utah) we've known that the brew pubs here are some of the best in the country with award winning brews  and pub food worth talking about.

The New York Times ran an article about the brew pub scene in Utah that started with Greg Schift and his Wasatch Brewery in 1986, which was later, thanks to new state legislation, turned into a brew pub in 1989. From there, as the article's author Vanessa Chang writes, "A new beer scene was born."
“Utah craft brewers can coax a lot of flavor out of a relatively low amount of material," said Garrett Oliver, brew master at Brooklyn Brewery in New York, co-author of “The Good Beer Book” and a longtime judge at the Great American Beer Festival.

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--Photo by Ramin Rahimian for The New York Times