Salt Lake Bees: Baseball at its Best

beesgame-12-of-12Feeling nostalgic for balmy summer nights spent watching baseball under the lights?  Want to take your family to a minor league game without breaking the bank?  The Salt Lake Bees are where it's at.

I grew up enjoying the tradition of going to a game with friends and family - the energy of the ballpark, the crowd antics, the vendors selling cotton candy and hot dogs. Coming from New England, the Red Sox were our team, and while I love 'em, getting tickets *at all* had become difficult, not to mention expensive.

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So when I attended a Bees game here in SLC, I was delighted by just how easy everything was. First of all, for us locals, biking to the game is a very do-able option, with the stadium located right in SLC itself.  Tickets are easy to come by - the night we went, family tickets were unbelievable: just $3 per person!  Definitely do-able for students and families alike.

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Tickets in hand, we entered Franklin Covey Field, which brings me to my favorite part.  The Bees must play in one of the most beautiful ballparks there is.  The Wasatch mountains are behind left field, turning rosy in the sunset. Folks with blankets lie on the grass past the outfield.  The park is small enough that ALL seats give you a good view.  The atmosphere is friendly and fun.  

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So take yourself out to the ballpark, and become a Bees fan!


Details: Franklin Covey Field, 77 W 1300 S. The Bees are a Triple A Affiliate of the Angels baseball club. Check out the Bees' schedule for lots of food and ticket specials.