Salt Lake Airport Named Best in the Nation

travel-leisure-best-2009Getting and out of Salt Lake International Airport has always seemed pretty easy for me in the past when I've traveled be it summer or winter. Nothing can sour a vacation or business travel quite like sitting on the tarmac for an hour waiting to depart or to arrive and I can't recall that happening to me more than once in recent years.

When it comes to flyiing in and out of Salt Lake, it appears that I'm not alone in thinking it's pretty easy. Travel and Leisure magazine came out with their "Best of the World" lists and Salt Lake City took the number one spot for Airports in Nation, gathering up the top spot in part thanks to having the least amount of flights with less than 15 minute delays.

So pretty much you can count on getting to your meeting downtown or your meeting on the slopes sooner in Salt Lake not only because of the closeness to the airport but also because of how efficient the airport is.

--video courtesy of Fox 13 News