Salt Lake Airport Getting More Friendly

It's likely that you've gone to battle before or at the least you've tried the evasion tactic on occasion. If none of the above like me you've chanced it and risked the ticket or a scolding at the least.

I'm talking about the at the passenger pick up area of the Salt Lake Airport. We've all been there, 5mph, no parking, no leaving your vehicle, no, no, no.

On my most recent visit to the airport to pick up a friend my experience was so much more pleasant. This was in thanks to the new (it's new to me) park and wait lot.

This lot is an easy exit from the main airport road opposite the long term parking entrance.  Large digital signs are simple to read and give you expected time arrivals and delay/on time status updates for flights.  Quite frankly, it's awesome.

One suggestion, when you're there waiting for your arriving flight, please turn off your car. The sign says in large print to turn off your auto but there were a number of people who kept theirs running despite the cool breeze and lovely temperatures.

So next time you've got friends and family that are arriving in Salt Lake pull into the park and wait lot and enjoy a few moments without the scolding or the evasion tactics. You'll be glad you did.