Salt Lake 200

Part of an ongoing series...

millcreekskiing$200 has been stretching quite a ways in SLC!  With this past week's snowfall, it was time to get in some inexpensive, but amazingly beautiful, skiing, so I headed up Mill Creek Canyon (3800S, off Wasatch Blvd), with my dog and my cross country skis.

For the price of a day pass up Mill Creek (in the warmer months, a great spot for hiking and biking), I got access to miles of groomed XC track (a classical lane is laid down on each side of the snow-covered road; the area in the middle is usually well-packed enough to skate on). Since it was an odd-numbered day, dogs off-leash were fine, and Gretchen got to run free.

Mill Creek is a good uphill workout, followed by a downhill cruise back to the car.  The temp and snow conditions were ideal, and the trees were still coating in white, giving the canyon a magical feel.  Sadly, I'd forgotten my SLR, but the ol' camera phone came to the rescue.

Total cost: $3 (day pass, per car, annual pass is $40)

Remaining fun budget: $16.73