Salt Lake 200

Part of an ongoing series...

lightsandsushi-1-of-8When you think of Salt Lake, does your mind go straight to sushi?  Perhaps it should. Last week, I joined friends to take in both the beautiful outdoor Christmas lights of downtown Temple Square and the gorgeous food and ambiance of Sapa, a sushi/Asian fusion restaurant just a few blocks south.

The holiday lights of Temple Square are a Salt Lake tradition I've been hearing about for years, but somehow never managed to get to.  Last Monday, a couple friends and I decided to change that.

Though the weather was chilly, the lights were completely worth any cold we might have felt:  trees wrapped in gold, white, and red as far as the eye could see and floating candles on a reflective pond created a magical effect.  For those interested, a life-size manger scene was lit up, complete with music and narration.

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After wandering in the twinkly winter landscape, we drove seven blocks south to Sapa, where we entered another welcoming environment, this one equally beautiful, but also cozy and delicious.

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Our order (caterpillar roll, rainbow roll, edamame) was prepared at the sushi bar right in the dining room.  The rolls were beautiful to look at, and tasted as good as they looked.  I'd heard from a friend this was her favorite sushi place in SLC, and now I know why.

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As we sipped red bush tea out of ceramic mugs, I looked out at the pagoda area, now closed for the winter, and made a mental note to come back as well in the warmer months - the outside seating area looks tranquil and inviting.  All in all, a relaxing, festive evening!

Total cost:  Sushi, app, and tea (for two):  $34.00, plus Christmas Lights at Temple Square: FREE = $34.00

Total remaining fun budget: $19.73