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oasisgoldenbraid-5-of-5When the weather turns cold and the days get shorter, breakfast in a sunny, warm, green nook is that much nicer.  And if it's a lazy Sunday morning and you've got another free hour, bookshop browsing is a nice way to finish up the meal.  Enter the Oasis Cafe and Golden Braid Books.

The Oasis Cafe lives up to its name any time of year, with a sheltered courtyard of outdoor seating for the warmer months, and skylights and indoor trees and plants in the year-round interior.  A fixture on 5th East for close to 30 years, the Oasis offers fresh food for vegans and omnivores alike.

After a leisurely breakfast of cranberry/walnut sourdough french toast, and a croissant sandwich with fluffy eggs, bacon, avocado, and delicious homefries, the next stop was the Golden Braid.

oasisgoldenbraid-1-of-5 oasisgoldenbraid-3-of-5

Joined by a common courtway and door, The Golden Braid itself is an oasis in and of itself, with, as their website says, "a host of items that will assist you along your journey...books for feeding of mind, spirit, body, soul & heart; luscious healthcare products to refresh and revive you; beautiful gifts to inspire and lift your spirits or someone else’s."  Seating areas sprinkled among the bookshelves invite you to sit, read, and stay a while.

oasisgoldenbraid-4-of-5 oasisgoldenbraid-2-of-5

Total cost: Breakfast, plus coffee and chai, for two: $20.25, plus bookstore browsing: FREE = $20.25

Remaining Fun Budget: $53.73