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Part IV of an ongoing series...

gilgalhires-1-of-11Sunny fall days just keep on going and going here, it seems - last week's weather made obligatory to be outside, so a friend and I headed to Gilgal Garden on our bikes. On the way, we decided to stop off at a local eatery for a quick lunch.

Hires Big H is a SLC-original burger joint that I've somehow managed to not hear about until now. Not only does it have carhops (park outside, turn on your lights for service, and get an old-school tray hung on your window!), but it also has *delicious* burgers, homemade fries smothered in cheese, and root beer floats in frosty mugs.

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After refueling, we continued around the block to Gilgal Garden, a historic sculpture garden I'd been hearing about for a while, but had not managed to get to yet. Gilgal Garden was created by Thomas Child, an SLC stone masonry contractor who started working on the garden in 1945.

gilgalhires-11-of-11The garden has a dozen large sculptural arrangements and numerous engraved stones.  Child put in great effort to obtain and carve stone from around the state, and the resulting garden is apparently the only "visionary art environment" in Utah, according to the Friends of Gilgal Garden Brochure.

The walk around the grounds is thought-provoking - the sculptures and stones are full of meaning, much of it religious/spiritual, as well as personal, in nature, and I highly recommend picking up a pamphlet at the entrance, as it explains in detail the significance behind each piece.

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Total Cost: Hires, lunch for two $24.44 = , plus Gilgal for two = FREE, equals:

Remaining Fun Balance = $96.03