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Salt Lake 200

dollarmoviebeer-4-of-4The last installment in an ongoing series...

With $16.53 left in the fun budget, what are two people to do in SLC?  The answer is, LOTS, all within a few city blocks in the Sugarhouse neighborhood.

To start off, there's fantastic sledding, for FREE, at Sugarhouse park.  This year's snow has finally arrived, and the hill can be busy (the one for big kids is right off 1300 east, though you access it through the entrance road off 2100 south). After sledding, a show at the Dollar Theater is in order - we caught an evening show of The Fourth Kind - shows range in price from $1-$2 a ticket, depending on show time. Popcorn and a soda rounded out the experience.


dollarmoviebeer-1-of-41Even then, we still had $3.53 left to burn, and I knew just the place for it:  The Bar in Sugarhouse, at 2168 Highland Drive, which has got to be one of the cutest-looking, tiniest spots in town (it's the smallest house on the block, blink and you might miss it!)  The genius of the bar is its dollar drafts - perfect!  Two beers and tip later, and we had officially spent our fun budget, almost down to the last dime.   Not a bad run!

Total cost: Sledding = FREE, plus movies and popcorn for two = $13.00, plus beers for two = $3.00  = $16.00