Ruth's Diner: Spoiling a Secret

ruths_trolleycarLast week, my girlfriend and I found ourselves with four other couples, looking for a classy place for dinner. A beautiful drive up part of Emigration Canyon away, lay one of Salt Lake's best secrets: Ruth's Diner. We looked forward to eating on the spacious patio they have out back, but the weather was cold enough that it was closed, which made it a tight fit for a group of 10 inside the renovated salt lake trolley car (yes, part of the restaurant is still in side the old trolley). Regardless, the hostess made it happen and we felt as welcome as the smaller groups surrounding us.

Ruth's is a top pick of mine whether I'm looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Some of my favorite things from each menu include the mile-high biscuits at breakfast--I've never had a better biscuit, the baked mac & cheese at lunch--how can you turn down a home-made mac & cheese, and the eclectic options one has at dinner time--everything from raspberry chicken, to pulled-pork sandwiches, to sirloin steaks, and to Mexican enchiladas.young_ruth_small

If you haven't been to Ruth's Diner, you can hardly call yourself a Salt Lakean. And if you're visiting and want to enjoy one of the locals' best secrets, thank Visit Salt Lake for being graceful enough to tell you. But please, don't tell anybody else.

BTW, when you go, you MUST NOT forget to flip over the menu and read the history of Ruth's diner and the story of Ruth herself since the restaurant opened in downtown Salt Lake in 1930. You'll be very entertained--Ruth was quite the fireball.