The Salt Lake Scene

Ride a Bike in Salt Lake

This past spring the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau undertook a unique program to lead the way in Salt Lake City as an organization who was dedicated to "talking the talk" or in this case, riding.

The CVB purchased five "cruiser bikes" for staff use around the community, cutting down dramatically the number of automobile trips taken for meetings, lunches and other errands in the downtown area.

Employees can uses the bicycles at any point throughout the day.  In fact, they are encouraged to do so.

"We live in a city that where the outdoors are such a part of both those that live here as well as those visit," said Scott Beck, CEO of the SLCVB. "It only makes sense that we do our part to minimize our impact on our surroundings."

Green Lane

Just two months ago the city of Salt Lake made 200 South a lot more bike friendly as they introduced a bike/car lane. These bright green swaths painted in the middle of the right hand lane were introduced on September 17th by Salt Lake's mayor, Ralph Becker.

"The purpose for that is to make drivers and cyclists aware that we are sharing that stretch of road," Mayor Ralph Becker as reported in the Deseret News.

"There are places in our city where there just isn't room for a cyclist and a vehicle to have separate lanes," Becker said. "In those places, we need to safely share the road together."

When someone on a bike is using this lane, they can occupy the entire lane, or rather, they have the right of way. These markings are not meant to replace bike lanes and will be kept as a year long experiment.

There is obviously some motorist education needed as time goes by but the signs are in place and more and more cyclists are using the lane.

I took advantage of the nice weather this past week and went out to test the green lane.e, we will have to wait to see if they help to increase motorist's awareness of cyclists, but it's definitely a good to see of the city admit that sharing the road is an issue worthy of attention and is taking steps to improve the situation.