It’s no secret that Salt Lake aka Ski City has long been magnet for snow sports. Similarly, it’s no secret that Utah is known for The Greatest Snow On Earth. What you might not know about is Salt Lake’s crucial role in the history of snowboarding. That’s right, Salt Lake is called Ski City, but we don’t discriminate against our single-planking brother and sisters--our world-famous snow and mountains draw skiers and riders like moths to a flame, and we can’t blame them.

This past year, we partnered with Transworld SNOWboarding to dig into the history and evolution of snowboard progression and culture. We talked to the people who were there, visited the iconic spots, and got a feel for how the culture exploded across the city and its mountains. The stoke is strong in Ski City, and we have the footage and interviews to prove it. Check out the trailer, and see for yourself.

Come help us celebrate the film and the culture. Join us for the full premiere of Rewind: Salt Lake at Fisher Brewery on Thursday, January 17th. You can see more info about the event here, and purchase your tickets here.

The premiere will take place in Fisher’s outdoor theater, so please dress warm. There will be plenty of warming lamps, and access to the indoor brewery area, so it will be a great time.