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Red Butte Gardens

Monday June 7, 2010
Red Butte Gardens has been on my "to-check-out list" for quite some time now. With our Visit Salt Lake Passes, the family and I finally made it out there on Memorial Day.  With it being Memorial Day and great weather, it was busy.  But the nice thing about Red Butte Gardens is the great amount of parking and how large the area is, so we didn't feel overcrowded at all. The staff at Red Butte Gardens weren't as helpful compared to our other favorite family fun places in Salt Lake City,  but that didn't matter too much.  You don't need much direction or help in these beautiful gardens.

Red Butte Gardens
300 Wakara Way Salt Lake City, UT 84108
(801) 585-0556

We made our way through the Herb Garden, Medicinal Garden, Fragrance Garden, and Children's Garden.  All along the way, we enjoyed the views and long trails.  I know we missed out on at least half of Red Butte Gardens but there is only so much a 3 & 4 year old can take. Lots of the gardens, walkways, viewpoints and places to sit, rest or eat are shaded. Everything is kept very clean.  The walkways are wide enough for strollers and everything is spaced out so it did not feel busy even on a busy day. Check out our short video on the gardens:


My girls loved learning about the plants in the medicinal gardens and what each plant would help heal.

I do have to say there is quite a rodent problem at Red Butte Gardens and I don't know if there is anything they can really do about that. It's just a part of nature!

I enjoyed these gardens a lot more than other gardens in Utah because of the price of admission, how roomy the gardens are, the signs explaining what everything is, the water and the shading. We will be back again and when we have family come into town this is a place I would highly recommend! Be sure to check out these gardens if you are visiting or even if you live here but haven't checked them out yet! Check out this slide show of our beautiful pictures from the gardens:

Vanessa is a blogger that lives in Salt Lake City with her two girls and husband.  You can read more about them at her blog INeverGrewUp.net.