Raw Melissa: fresh, healthy and tasty!

Raw MelissaWhether you're visiting the Salt Lake area or call this county home, summer means a visit to the Farmers Market complete with all the fresh fruits and vegetables you can find—and eat. Though I should be thinking of eating fresher, healthier food all year long, summer finds me making more of an effort, and what better way to do healthy—and tasty—eating right than by picking up something made with love by Melissa Chappell, aka Raw Melissa?

You can find Raw Melissa prepared foods at local stores like Good Earth Natural Foods and more recently at national stores like Whole Foods Market. Her line of mostly raw, totally fresh and always tasty food includes her famous macaroons (the chocolate-drizzled ones are my favorite!), spring rolls, a veggie sandwich with carrots and super creamy dip and a variety of other goodies. Oh, and if you ever see her almond butter on a store shelf, buy every one they have in stock!

Melissa uses only organic ingredients and does her best to buy local whenever possible. She works hard to have a good relationship with the local farmers and uses the very best of the best in her recipes. It's no surprise all this organic goodness translates into some pretty dang good recipes. The gals behind SassyScoops, a site featuring local reviews, were able to sample some Raw Melissa desserts and you can read their take on the experience.


Raw Melissa

As for me, I know Melissa personally and she is as amazing as her product line. She lives what she preaches about fresh, healthy, as-raw-as-possible a lifestyle. In fact, I took some time to learn more about her and even participated in her fresh food preparation workshop recently held at Blue Lemon Bistro. If you're in town during one of her workshops, it a must-attend daylong event that could quite possibly change your life—or at least your diet!

Next time you're near a Good Earth Natural Foods (or perhaps even at the local farmers market), pop in and grab a few samples of Raw Melissa. Good food never tasted so, well, good!

You can read more about Emily and her attempts at incorporating more fresh food into her family's diet at isthisREALLYmylife.com.