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Questions to ask around the Thanksgiving table

Monday November 25, 2013

You may be traveling home to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving or you may be going somewhere else, but no matter where you go, it is always wonderful to be home with family and friends for the holidays. So I have a few ideas for you about how to learn more about your heritage this Thanksgiving. Whether you are with family, or friends or both, here are 10 questions that will get everyone talking.

What are the most important lessons you've learned so far in your life?

What was the greatest time of joy in your life?

Who were your favorite relatives? Do you remember any of the stories they used to tell you?

What has been your favorite family tradition?

What personality traits do you admire and how have you tried to develop those traits?

What was the biggest turning point in your life? Looking back, how would you have dealt with it if you had known what you know now?

What was your most embarrassing moment?

Is there anything you have always wanted to do and haven't?

How would you describe your sense of humor? What was your all-time favorite practical joke?

What message would you like to leave your descendants?

(Excerpted from The Chart Chick Blog and Zap The Grandma Gap Power Up Workbook: The Particulars About How To Connect With Your Family By Connecting Them To Their Family History.) 

Did you know that Friday the 29th of November is the National Day of Listening? StoryCorps, the sponsor of the day asserts that "It's the least expensive but most meaningful gift you can give this holiday season." Here are 10 more questions from the National Day of Listening website

What is your earliest memory?

What are you most proud of?

When did you first fall in love?

How did you know they were "the one?"

What is your first memory of me?

What were your parents like?

How would you like to be remembered?

What was your childhood like?

Why did you decide to become ______?

What makes us such good friends?

I think you will learn a lot from these questions and maybe hear some interesting stories you hadn't heard. You may want to record the answers for posterity or upload them to the StoryCorps website. Hopefully everyone will come away with a greater sense of everything there is to be thankful for. Here's wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.