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Plum Alley adds Asian Flair to Salt Lake

Tuesday January 17, 2012
Plum Alley in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City's newest restaurant, Plum Alley, is adding Asian flair to the downtown dining scene. Come and sit along their communal style tables and enjoy a family style Asian meal with all of the best dishes around Asia including, kimchi, curry, steamed buns, and pho.

Plum Alley resides next to the Broadway Theaters and a few doors from their sister restaurant, Copper Onion, making it an ideal location for the owners as well as the date night crowd looking for a dinner-and-movie night out.

Plum Alley Curry

The interior of the restaurant displays bold colors with hanging lanterns and painted walls, taking you away to the streets of Saigon or Taipei. Servers at Plum Alley are friendly and knowledgeable, helping those not accustomed to foreign foods and making your experience there a pleasure.

For more photos as well as a list of my favorite dishes, please visit The Vintage Mixer blog.