The Salt Lake Scene

Pierpont Walkway

shady-parkbenches-slcRight across the street from the south entrance of the Convention Center is a small passage named "Pierpont Walkway".

It's an often overlooked little spot but one that I've passed through many times, like I did the other day after leaving the Outdoor Retailer Show.

Named after Thomas Pierpont, a late 1800's businessman who lived in Salt Lake and Provo, there are now a lot of Pierpont named things in Salt Lake.  There's Pierpont Place, Pierpont Avenue, Cafe Pierpont but this little walkway is of the lesser known Pierpont variety.

Of Thomas Pierpont is was written:
"Mr. Pierpont has ben found a man of sterling worth, possessing a high order of business integrity, and commanding the respect and confidence of the commercial world, and socially has many staunch friends."

During a summer afternoon, this little spot is a great place for a lunch break, in the shade of the trees or the ivy covered building on it's west side.

shady benches in summer - pierpont walkway

During the winter, it's a cold passage where few linger but the canopy of leafless trees act as a natural archway as you pass beneath.

pierpont walkway

If you find yourself in Salt Lake looking for a quiet outdoor spot in the city to take a break or to feel like you're "away", check out Pierpont walkway. It's easy to miss but a gem of a spot once you're there.